Recycling Christmas trees

Recycling Christmas trees 

Recycling Christmas trees on a large scale involves the collection of used Christmas trees after Christmas each year, so that they can be shredded and then used for the making of mulch and compost, often by county councils. It has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is partly because many people like to dispose of their Christmas tree in a convenient way. For example, many people may not have transport or may find the Christmas tree too heavy. But they want to make sure that it is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We at Kildare Christmas Trees collect Christmas trees for recycling in the towns of Naas, Newbridge and Blessington after Christmas each year.  If you would like to have your used christmas trees collected for recycling, click here.

After shredding, it takes a couple of years to produce good compost. This compost is a very valuable soil conditioner.  Also, composting ensures that the atmospheric carbon that is stored in the Christmas tree gives maximum benefit before it eventually returns to the atmosphere. This benefit accrues to vegetable growers and to anyone who works the soil for growing crops of any sort. And, the shredded material can also be used in our parks as mulch to suppress weeds around trees and shrubs.

It is important to note that one should avoid sending Christmas trees to landfill. This is because anaerobic conditions in landfill are likely to produce methane. And, we should realise that methane is a serious greenhouse gas. However, unlike CO2, it lasts only approximately ten years before decaying.

Home recycling

Those who have large gardens should have no problem disposing of their christmas tree after Christmas. They can strip the branches off with a secateurs, loper or chain saw. This makes it easy to dispose of the branches. However, it would be better if they could shred the branches in a garden shredder for composting.

Christmas trees being shredded for recycling

This picture shows christmas trees being shredded for recycling

Heap of shredded christmas trees

Heap made from shredded christmas trees. Eventually this will become compost.

Compost made during christmas tree recycling

This picture shows the beautiful compost that can be made from shredded Christmas trees.

Mulch from shredded christmas trees

Picture shows mulch from shredded christmas trees being spread around trees in public park to suppress weeds.