Benefits of real Christmas trees

Benefits of real Christmas trees.

People often need to be reminded of the benefits of real Christmas trees. They benefit the householder, the environment and the Irish economy.

The householder

By putting up a real Christmasmas tree at Christmas time you are following a long tradition going back to pre-Christian times.

You can show a real Christmas tree off with pride to your visitors. This is something one would rarely do with an artificial/fake tree.

Keep your Christmas tree well watered and in an atmosphere that is not too hot (<18 degrees). It will stay in perfect condition right through the Christmas period. If you buy your Christmas tree from us, at Kildare Christmas Trees, we will advise you. And you can buy a good water stand in many retail outlets.

The Economy

If Christmas trees were not grown in Ireland, they would have to be imported to satisfy demand. This would mean a loss of money from our economy. At present, 99% of the real Christmas trees sold in Ireland are grown in Ireland. Also, Irish Christmas tree growers further benefit our economy by exporting large quantities each year.

The Environment

Removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Growing trees reduces CO2 in the atmosphere

Christmas tree plantations are of enormous benefit to the atmosphere. They absorb carbon dioxide (carbon sequestration) and replace it with oxygen. In this way, the growing of Christmas trees helps Ireland to meet its commitments to reduce our “Carbon footprint”.

Habitat for Wildlife

A plantation of Christmas trees, and the surrounding hedgerows, provides an attractive and much-needed habitat for birds and other forms of wildlife. Because Christmas trees retain their foliage over winter, our farm provides food and shelter for wildlife all the year round.


Raw material for compost, soil conditioner and mulch in our parks and allotments
Why is this important?
Christmas tree mulch in Dublin park

Christmas tree mulch ready for spreading around trees in a Dublin park

One important advantage of using a real Xmas tree is that, after Christmas, it can be shred and used for compost, soil conditioner and mulch in county council vegetable allotments and public parks.  This is because composting, soil conditioning  and mulching ensure that the atmospheric Carbon that is stored in the Christmas tree gives maximum benefit before eventually decaying over time. Avoid burning, because burning puts the Carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere directly. Avoid sending to landfill. Anaerobic conditions in landfill are likely to produce methane which is much worse than the original Carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

What do we need to do?

You can take your old Xmas tree along to your local county council depot. They will be very happy to take it from you for chipping/shredding. In doing so, you are contributing to the beauty of our parks and allotments. Please do not leave any metal, such as a stand screw, in the butt of the tree.  Similarly, if you are disposing of wreaths, remove the wire frame and dispose of the frame separately. This is because any metal materials would seriously damage the blades of the chipping machine.